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5 Top Bold Web Series 2023: इंडिया की पांच सबसे बोल्ड वेब सीरीज, हुईं हॉटनेस की सारी हदें पार






5 Top Bold Web Series 2023: Nowadays people prefer OTT platform. Most of web series are released ott. web series trend is also increasing rapidly. Web series are full of action hot and intimate scenes because the audience is crazy about such content. Today we have brought Top 5 Bold Web Series (5 Top Bold Web Series 2023) which have been released on ULLU app.


5 Top Bold Web Series 2023ullu-webseries


वॉकमैन (walkman)

Walkman web series is about a woman who is addicted to Walkman due to her wild imaginations. A woman sexual needs always very high, which her husband was not able to fulfill. Thereafter, she was interested in other male for intimation. Later she got engaged to his nephew. Ridhima Tiwari is playing lead role in the walkman web series. walkman ullu web series


शहद (Shahad)

This web series will be about Devar Bhabhi relationship. There are two brothers in this web series, the elder brother gets married and younger brother still single and later fall in love with his sister-in-law at the time sister-in-law damage his private part and applies honey on it. This story will be very different from other web series. Shahad ullu web series

टक्क (Takk)

Takk story revolves around a gym trainer Shailesh.Trainer work in a gym where he trains married women. And later in the series you’ll see that the coach becomes a playboy. ullu web series Takk

मॉम एंड डॉटर (Mom and Daughter)

Mom and Daughter series is about a daughter and mother. one day when the mother goes for a party, her daughter Ananya asks the mother permission to invite her friend named Karthik to the house. she was in love with karthik . Mother gives permission, but further in the web series you will see that the mother and Karthik make a physical relationship.ullu web series Mom-and-Daughter

पलंग तोड़ सिसकियां (Palang Tod Siskiyan)

Palang Tod Siskiyan web series will be about romance of ‘ Bahu Aur Sasur ‘. Talking about the cast, the series stars Noor Malbika in the lead role and opposite her is actor Tarkesh Chauhan who plays the role of ‘father-in-law’.Palang-Tod-Siskiyan



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