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big boss ott 2023 : सलमान खान ने लगाई एल्विश को फटकार

Big boss ott 2023 : The fans are very curious about it. While the drama of the contestants of the big boss show is being well received by the people, the show has left the fans in angry. Recently, when Weekend Ka Vaar happened, host Salman Khan came clean to the contestants about their mindset and scold them for their wrongdoings. On which Elvish yadav fans got furious at Salman and started vilifying him.


Big boss ott 2023 :Salman khan vs Elvish yadav


In the seventh weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan reprimanded Elvish yadav and Dhurve for their behaviour. In the beginning, Salman Khan reprimanded Babika for argument with Babika and Manisha Rani. After which Salman reached out to Elvish and expressed his anger over his foul language and use of violent and derogatory phrases inside the show. Salman Khan reprimands Elvish yadav and asks why is he so proud of his army of fans, does he pay to follow them?

To which Elvish replied that his fans no longer pay him any money. After which Salman Khan said, if he continues his rate of Rs 500, then let’s see how many fans you will have. After this, Salman said that the real army is the Indian Army, which protects the people of the country. Salman also said that he no longer wants to defame his mother tongue Haryanvi.


Big boss ott 2023 : Salman Khan is trending on Twitter as soon as the episode is over


Salman Khan were started trending on Twitter after the episode was over. Salman khan is facing the wrath of Elvish yadav fans. Elvish yadav fans are angry with Salman’s words and then they are getting upset to reduce the score of the show. big-boss-ott-2023


Twitter a fan commented on Big boss ott 2023 :  “I really did not like the way Salman Khan interrupted Elvish’s mother to discourage her.” In such a situation, Salman wanted to bring Babika’s father also on the stage.


Twitter a fan commented on Big boss ott 2023 :  Another user called it Bigg Boss fake and wrote, “Bigg Boss 2 is fake…Salman Khan is fake.”



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