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Size Matters 2 : bold web series to watch

Bold web series to watch : ULLU

bold web series

Bold web series to watch :

bold web series

When Aarohi, in a moment of distress, betrays her sister to fulfill her own desires, she unknowingly traps herself in an unfavorable predicament. However, despite facing challenges, Aarohi’s journey takes an unexpected turn as she embarks on a transformational path. Determined to achieve her desired physique, she explores various strategies with a mix of both amusin and unconventional methods. Yet, her actions unwittingly lead to unforeseen consequences and bring about a sense of disgrace. Curious to discover the twists and turns in Aarohi’s story? Look no further than “Size Matters – Part II.” Tune in now for a captivating tale of growth, resilience, and the pursuit of personal aspirations.


Cast : Ravi Bhatia

          Shikha Kumariy

          Karan Singh


Director : Sumeet Kumar Sodani


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