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Expert Top Tips 2023 : Vastu For Home


Vastu for Home : Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture that deals in the placement of structure and objects in a way that creates goodwill with the surrounding environment. It is believed that by following the principle of Vastu, one can improve their health, wealth, and overall comfort.

There are many different aspect of Vastu for a home that can be applied to the home, and the most important is:

  • The location of the home. The home should also be facing in a favorable direction, such as the east, north, or northeast.
  • The layout of the home. The kitchen should be located in the northeast corner of the home, while the bedroom should be located in the southwest corner.
  • The furniture in the home. The furniture in the home should be placed in a way that does not block the flow of energy. 
  • The colors in the home. Light, airy colors are generally preferred, but some darker colors can be used in moderation.
  • The plants in the home. Plants can help to improve the energy in the home..

By following the principles of Vastu for home, you can create a home that is beautiful and functional. Your home will be a place where you can relax, recharge, and develop.


vastu for home plan

Here are some additional Vastu for home:

  • Keep the corners of the home bright and free of disorder.
  • Place a Tulsi plant (Affiliate link to support the website ) in the northeast corner of the home.
  • Avoid to place mirror or television in front of the bed.
  • Paint your walls in neutral or earthy shades.
  • Use mood lighting (Affiliate link to support the website ) and burn aromatic oils to create a peaceful atmosphere.

By following these tips, you can create Vastu for home that is in harmony with the natural world and that promotes good health, wealth, and happiness















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