gold rate today : 16 july 2023 News express times

India’s major cities gold rate today : News express times


City 22K (Today) 24K (Today)
Chennai ₹55,500 ₹60,550
Mumbai ₹55,000 ₹60,000
Delhi ₹55,150 ₹60,150
Kolkata ₹55,000 ₹60,000
Bengaluru ₹55,000 ₹60,000
Hyderabad ₹55,000 ₹60,000
Ahmedabad ₹55,050 ₹60,050
Jaipur ₹55,150 ₹60,150
Lucknow ₹55,150 ₹60,150
Patna ₹55,050 ₹60,050

Gold price today because gold has always been seen as a reliable choice for investment. It attracts people from all walks of life, even those with modest means. In India, it’s particularly a traditional gold for special occasions and ceremonies, but nowadays, it serves another purpose as well – a valuable investment option. There are multiple ways to invest in gold beyond just buying jewelry, bars, or coins.



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