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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update



bolly wood news of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd July 2023 In today’s episode, Shefali works. Abhimanyu comes to talk with Shefali. Shefali asks Abhimanyu what is bothering him. Abhimanyu speaks with Shefali and expresses his confusion over where to begin. He claims Shefali and Parth must be informed. Shivu is a bully, according to Abhimanyu. He informs Shefali that Abhir is suffering because of Shivu.Shefali is taken aback when she learns of Shivu’s unusual behaviour. She says to Abhimanyu that since he love Shivu and Abhir equally they need to handle the matter. Shefali decide to apologize to Abhir. Abhimanyu suggests that Shefali talk to their children individually. Manjiri and Mahima knows about Shivu. Manjiri about to taunt. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri and Mahima to calm, until they find out the reason behind Shivu and Abhir’s growing differences.




Goenkas learns Muskaan is going to Mumbai. Manish and Swarna confront Muskaan in yeh rishta kya kehlata hai. Surekha informs Goenkas that Muskaan has been shifted to Mumbai. She talks about the promotion. Surekha tells Geonkas that Muskaan planned to surprise everyone, but she astonished everyone by completing the tickets. Muskaan informs Surekha that she failed to provide confirmation at the workplace. Muskaan, according to Surekha, did not reject the offer either. Muskaan and Kairav, according to Manish, can take their time making a decision. Surekha, he argues, does not have to be everyone’s spokeswoman. Surekha asks let Muskaan speak. Abhinav says they should not interfere in Kairav, Muskaan’s matter. Muskaan says she knows 30k is less amount for Goenkas but it is her identity. Kairav looks at Muskaan.


Abhimanyu talks with Abhir. He indirectly inquires about Abhir’s dispute with Shivu. Abhir refuses to share with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu decide to give time to Abhir. He tells Abhir that he can tell him anything. Abhir says he is hungry.


Suhasini tells Muskaan that she should consult with Kairav before making any decisions. She requests that Muskaan pay attention to her connection with Kairav as well. Akshara meet Abhir. She sings for Abhir and other students. Abhir demands that Akshara be hired as a music instructor by his principal. Akshara asks for something. She begs the principal to give her a chance for Abhir’s sake. Akshara informs the principal that Abhir requires her assistance.


Abhir gets happy and plays with RuhiManjiri and Abhimanyu believe Abhir is settling comfortably at Birla House. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to play with kids. Abhir gets surprised to see Akshara. Akshara informs Abhir that the principal has hired her as a music instructor.


Akshara teaches music to Abhir and other students.Abhir also tells Akshara that because Manjiri does not want her to meet him, she would keep their meeting a secret. Manjiri overhears Abhir and Akshara talking. Akshara notifies Goenkas about her chance to meet Abhir at school. She gets excited. [Episode Ends]


Precap of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai: Manjiri sends legal notice to Akshara. Manish asks Abhinav to take Akshara to Kasauli. Abhir to go missing.


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