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yeh rishta kya kehlata hai : 16th July 2023 written update


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In yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 16th July 2023 begins with Abhi thinking about Abhinav and sending him a picture of their son, Abhir. Abhinav becomes emotional upon seeing the picture and zooms in to look at Abhir’s shoes. He asks Akshu if she went to give school shoes to Abhir. 


Akshu replies that she just delivered the shoes and couldn’t meet Abhir, but she used to help him get ready for school. Abhinav shows Akshu the picture Abhi sent, praising how good Abhir looks in it. Akshu expresses her happiness seeing her son’s smile and wearing the same shoes. She was worried about Abhir and her exam results.


Abhinav realizes he forgot to ask about her exam in yeh rishta kya kehlata hai . Akshu explains that she didn’t want to burden him with worries in case she failed. But Abhinav assures her that she will pass. Meanwhile, Mahima informs everyone that Shivansh is returning.


Shefali questions the reason since he doesn’t have any holidays. Mahima reveals that Shivansh is coming back home permanently, bringing happiness to her son, Parth. She compares this to how Manjiri brought Abhir into Abhi’s life.


Anand asks if she asked Shefali about this decision. Mahima explains that she wants to bring Shivansh back so that Shefali and Parth can get another chance to mend their relationship. She wants Shefali to be happy as her son is returning. Shefali leaves the room upset.


Abhi intervenes, addressing Mahima as “Tai ji” (aunt). Mahima points out that Abhi shouldn’t defend his mother, knowing what she did to Akshu. Abhinav decides to check the results online, and Akshu becomes tense, recalling Abhir.


Manish encourages Akshu, assuring her that she will pass and be able to bring Abhir back home. Abhinav opens the result website and starts checking the list while Akshu steps back, anxiously awaiting the outcome. Please comment for more updates of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai.




cast of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 2023

  • Shreyansh Kaurav ( child Actor )
  • Harshad Chopda
  • Pranali Rathod
  • Abeer Singh Godhwani
  • Jay Soni



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